The best agents in zip code 33498 break out into two kinds. There are the neighborhood specialists like Bob Cahan and Matt Keller on the one had, and there are the generalists like Karen Kerpen and Warren Redlich.

Robert Cahan is the Boca Greens machine.✰✰✰✰
Warren Redlich knows West Boca.✰✰✰✰
Matthew Keller plies his wiles in Boca Isles.✰✰✰✰
Melanie Wolf - Boca Chase especially the senior communities.✰✰✰✰
Brian Jones✰✰✰
Linda Tublitz✰✰✰
Karen Kerpen does more in zip code 33428 but is still active north of Glades Road.✰✰✰

Star ratings are based on comparisons within the zip code.